Somewhere over the rainbow (and after the 2012 Queens Pride parade), 37th Avenue.
Marquee, 37th Road.
Sari shop, 37th Road pedestrian plaza.
From The Wall Street Journal:

"In my 12 years here I have not seen Jackson Heights this dead," said Rita Kamdar, owner of Mahavir Pack & Ship, a phone card and FedEx shop on 37th Road.
"We have lost a lot of business, almost 60% of our business, because of no traffic," she added. "If this continues like this we’ll just have to go out of business one fine day."
Trash can, 37th Road pedestrian plaza.
From The Wall Street Journal:

As pedestrian plazas go, the one in the heart of Jackson Heights’s commercial district isn’t very attractive. OK, it’s downright ugly.

Went over to Jackson Heights tonight and met some great people while on the street shooting! Here’s one of the portraits.
Night, 74th Street.
Pedestrian plaza (with artistic license), 37th Road.
Last week, the new plaza invited pedestrians to sit at its canopied tables and to rest on granite slabs. And on Sunday evening, it hosted revelers overflowing from a Diwali celebration around the corner on 74th Street.
But not everyone is pleased with the plaza. Some merchants on the block complained that business had dropped by 50 percent since car and bus traffic was rerouted three weeks ago, the Times Ledger reported. 
Future pedestrian plaza, 37th Road.
The stretch of 37th Road between Broadway and 74th Street was closed to vehicular traffic last week so that it may be converted into a pedestrian plaza. According to the Department of Transportation’s website, the change will “simplify” the intersection of Broadway and Roosevelt Avenue, as well as provide public space in the central commercial district.
Not everyone is pleased. Comments left on the department’s web page cite concern for unlicensed food vendors who might overtake the plaza, and the loss of parking spaces for residents.
Potato chips, 74th Street.